YouTube has started testing AI-generated summaries, which can appear on search and watch pages.

These new AI-generated summaries won’t replace the video descriptions written by creators, the company said.

The test was added yesterday to the YouTube test features and experiments page.

Why we care. While this is a limited, English-only experiment right now, if auto-generated summaries are rolled out it could impact whether someone decides whether to click on and watch your YouTube video.

What YouTube is testing. Users may now see a “quick summary” about a video. Summaries can appear on the page where you watch the video or on search results pages.

Unfortunately, YouTube didn’t share a screenshot showing exactly what the test looks like and we cannot see it yet.

AI everywhere. Google, which owns YouTube, is adding generative AI into several platforms and products – from its experimental Search Generative Experience, to Google Ads, to Docs/Gmail/Workspace and beyond.

YouTube has also reportedly been testing giving creators AI-generated ideas, titles and descriptions.

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