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Welcome to the first installment of what will be a daily, ongoing feature here on IXLCenter.io in 2023 – This day in search marketing history.

IXLCenter.io has been the publication of record for all things search and search marketing since launching in 2006. And the founders of that 2006 team had been reporting on and educating the industry for about a decade prior to that (at Search Engine Watch).

So join us every day, as we rediscover the headlines and history of SEO, PPC and digital marketing from years gone by.

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Happy New Year Google Doodles!

On Jan. 1, every year since 2000, Google has consistently given us Doodles, in lieu of any significant news of note to report on. Hey, it is a holiday after all. The editorial team is getting some much-deserved rest (not counting Barry, who is almost always working) and traffic is pretty dismal on New Year’s Day.

It’s been years since we covered Google’s special logos. But once upon a time, IXLCenter.io was competing with countless other publishers in the hopes of driving some insanely huge search traffic by covering these celebratory Google Doodles:

14 “Is Google Evil?” Tipping Points Since 2001

2007: A particular bad week for Google resulted in this look back at a number of “tipping points” that Google had survived in prior years, including the infamous Florida Update of 2003.

Best | top | most popular IXLCenter.io stories of the year

Jan. 1 can be a good day to take a final look back at the most popular stories from the past year. Check out what stories earned the most pageviews in prior years:

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Report: Microsoft To Lay Off 15,000 Workers

2009: There were reports that Microsoft was getting ready to lay off 17% of their workforce, on or around Jan. 15.

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