In July 2023, Google Ads will update its Dangerous products and services policy to encompass advertisements for items that pose an imminent, proven, and unresolved risk of death or severe bodily harm, particularly if they have been the subject of consumer advisories or product recalls. Enforcement of this policy update will commence on July 3.

Violations. Accounts found to be in violation of this policy will not face immediate suspension without prior warning. Instead, a warning will be issued at least seven days before any account suspension takes place.

What to do. It is recommended that advertisers review this policy update to determine if any of your ads fall within the scope of this policy. If so, remove the ads in question before July 3, 2023.

Why we care. By proactively reviewing and removing any ads that fall within the scope of this policy, advertisers can maintain their online presence, protect their brand reputation, and continue to reach their target audience effectively.

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