Microsoft is now bringing the new Bing AI search and chat experience to mobile both on iOS and Android using the Bing mobile app and Edge mobile app browser. Plus, this will allow you to search in Bing Chat from your mobile phone using voice.

Microsoft is “beginning to roll out the incredible capabilities of the new Bing and Edge on your smartphone along with some exciting new features, such as voice input,” wrote Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft.

What it looks like. Bing or Edge mobile app has just rolled out and I started to play with it. Here is a screenshot from Microsoft of the chat experience followed by my video of this in action.

Mobile apps. Microsoft wrote that this is “available on iOS and Android today, the Bing mobile app offers a fresh look and experience.” I was able to download the new iOS Bing app and play with it, as you can see above.

“Tapping the Bing icon at the bottom will invoke a chat session, where you can engage in all the same ways you can from the desktop. Ask simple or complex questions and receive answers and citations. Choose how you want your answers displayed – bullet points, text or simplified responses,” Microsoft wrote.

Voice search. Microsoft is previewing one of the “community’s most requested features,” the company said – and that is “voice.” This voice search or chat feature is a limited preview and available in the Bing mobile app and Edge browser.

“In addition, those who have access to the preview will be able to utilize the new Bing experience from the homepage of the Microsoft Edge mobile app,” the company added.

Why we care. The true power of chat-based search is how people interact with it over voice, that is maybe what excites me the most about how people use chat-based search. So here it is and we get to play with it (soon I hope).

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