Bing Chat will soon be available to searchers and users, as it is now rolling out unauthenticated access to chats.

Users not logged into Bing will be able to ask Bing Chat questions, but it will be limited to five chats in a chat session.

Unauthenticated access. “We’ve started rolling out unauthenticated chat access on Bing,” Michael Schechter, a Vice President at Microsoft Bing wrote on Twitter.

Unauthenticated users are users who are not signed into Bing when conducting searches or chatting.

Limited access. Those unauthenticated users will be able to ask Bing Chat up to five chats in a single session. If you want longer chats, you will need to login to your Microsoft account.

The tweet. Here is Michael Schechter’s tweet about this:

Why we care. This should open up more chats on Bing Chat to more users. Not everyone wants to create accounts to use Bing Chat or Bing Search. That may have dissuaded users from trying out Bing Chat. But soon, they may be able to access and use Bing Chat without an account.

Although, I still believe you have to use Microsoft Edge or the Bing mobile app to see Bing Chat.

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