Microsoft has fixed a data loss issue within the Bing Webmaster Tools API that resulted in a week of missing data. That data has now been backfilled and restored and can now be accessed through the Bing Webmaster Tools API.

The dates. The Bing Webmaster Tools API stopped showing data sometime after March 3. Glenn Gabe reported the issue to Fabrice Canel of Microsoft on March 17.

The API started to once again show new data by March 20, but there was a data gap – it was missing a week’s worth of data.

Canel said they were able to fix that missing data on March 27. So it is now available for download in the API.

Why we care. If you use the Bing Webmaster Tools API with your internal software or third-party software, then you will want to ensure all the data you expect to be there is there. If not, you may want to manually rerun some of the commands to bring in any data that may have not come over due to the bug.

More details. Here is the trail of tweets related to this bug:

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