Microsoft Advertising has announced several changes in its April newsletter, including the expansion of professional service ads, the broad match modifier change, and much more.

Professional service ads. Microsoft Advertising’s professional service ads are now available globally. Microsoft first released professional service ads as a beta about a year ago, saying “To help champion these professionals and better connect them to consumers with engaging ad experiences, Microsoft Advertising is developing a new ad solution called Professional Service Ads to make these connections more effective than ever.”

This is what it looks like:

Broad match modifier changes. Broad match modifier was deprecated in 2021 and with that, Microsoft said it is “rolling out gradually over the next several weeks, all broad match modifier keywords for search ads now serve as broad match keywords instead of phrase match.”

Microsoft added that there is “no action is required from you on this, as we expect this change to be beneficial to advertisers’ conversions and cost per acquisition (CPA) overall. There won’t be any impacts to bidding strategies or third-party bidding.”

Recently we reported Microsoft Advertising broad match modifier keywords are now serving ad broad match.

Bulk operations in Asset Library. Advertisers in Microsoft Advertising can now organize your assets with bulk operations. This can allow you to bulk delete folders and assets, and move multiple items in bulk to your target folder or subfolder.

Target bid value. Microsoft also announced that within Target CPA, Target return on ad spend (ROAS), or Target Impression Share bid strategies you can now view and edit the current target bid value within the campaign grid in Microsoft Advertising online. This applies for both standalone bid strategies and also for portfolio bidding, and you can add this column via the “modify column” command in Microsoft Advertising online.

Why we care. Advertising is changing rapidly, more so in search and display markets. Make sure to stay on top of these latest changes by subscribing to our newsletter and reading out site. You can see the full announcements from Microsoft over here.

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