Today we’re excited to announce Irina Novoselsky as Chief Executive Officer and member of the board at We asked her to share her thoughts on why she’s joined the team:

When the war broke out in my birth country of Ukraine last year, like everyone, I was glued to social platforms for real-time updates, absorbing the stories and images of the people impacted. That moment in time underscored for me how critical social has become to how we live, work and understand the world.

As social has evolved into a constant engine of online culture and connectivity over the past 10 years, it has also become an indispensable way for businesses to not just reach their customers but to engage with their customers in two-way conversations where relationships are forged. It’s about people, culture, connection, and storytelling. That’s the heart of social media and its power; it helps people and businesses connect and help each other, brings awareness where it’s needed, and encourages people to learn from each other, share stories and celebrate wins.

When the opportunity to talk to about the CEO role presented itself, I was excited. Social media management is a largely untapped and growing $28 billion global market opportunity, and is critical in helping customers tell their stories and connect with others, all while providing meaningful insights to the very people it connects. Change in this industry is constant, which is, in part, what drew me here. I thrive in change. This inflection point in’s journey is one I’ve seen before and gives me the opportunity to apply my transformational experience to continue to unlock value and innovation for customers in this already growing business. What excites me the most is the prospect of working with the team at to deliver what our customers need to drive their businesses forward.

We have an incredible opportunity to help hundreds of thousands of organizations harness the power of social media to make their businesses successful, and I’m thrilled to be part of the team. The team is a powerful concept, and I have seen what the power of working together can achieve. It’s an incredible honor to join this culture that is steeped in inclusion, purpose, and a customer-first focus. Together we will write’s next chapter.

Read the official press release announcing Irina Novoselsky’s position as CEO of

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