Whether you are a small business owner new to digital marketing, or a novice looking to expand your paid advertising skills, understanding the basics of PPC is essential to enhancing your results and improving your website’s performance.

The advancement of PPC in the past five years is evident. This revised guide offers enhanced insights on:

  • New campaign types
  • Bidding strategies
  • Machine learning best practices
  • Assets

As an added benefit, this guide also features extra sections on:

  • Jumpstarting ads on emerging platforms like TikTok, Microsoft, and LinkedIn
  • Keyword research in the age of automation
  • Top acronyms and terms
  • Ad copy and RSAs

Our revamped PPC guide equips you with the necessary knowledge to effectively advertise your business online in 2023.

Check out the guide here.

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Nicole Farley is an editor for IXLCenter.io covering all things PPC. In addition to being a Marine Corps veteran, she has an extensive background in digital marketing, an MBA and a penchant for true crime, podcasts, travel, and snacks.

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