If you’ve seen a bunch of your Google ads getting disapproved over the last day or two, don’t worry.

Google advertisers have seen a massive number of their ads being disapproved for various reasons, such as “malicious software” and “circumventing systems.”

Google is on it. Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin tweeted out in response that the team is aware and a fix is being deployed.

When will it be fixed. Hard to know. The last Tweet from Google was at 7:50pm ET last night. There have been no updates on the issue yet today.

A weird coincidence. It looks like the same thing happened around this time last year. Widespread reports from advertisers on Twitter said they were experiencing ad disapprovals across several clients. None of which violated any policies.

Google released a statement on Twitter about last years issue saying “safety is paramount and our policies span range of concerns, including the content of ad creatives and advertiser behavior. The issues addressed in this story aren’t related. We also haven’t seen any “mass” disapprovals that would indicate a bug.”

Why we care. You might see your Google ads disapproved for one of the reasons mentioned above. If so, keep checking your account and Twitter for an update.

But also ensure that your landing pages are working and your ads don’t violate policies. Many disapproved ads are due to a system-wide issue. But ads that were disapproved for legitimate reasons won’t automatically be approved once the issue is fixed.

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