Google has updated its page indexing report in Google Search Console with more “fine-grained” issues. This is just a reporting change and does not change the processing of your website, John Mueller said on Twitter.

The issue. Some savvy SEOs noticed a spike in issues being reported this indexing report in Search Console. But Google did not post any annotations that could explain it, so some thought the issues were with their websites.

Here is one example from Michelle on Twitter:

Google made a change. John Mueller of Google explained on Twitter that they are delayed in adding the annotations to the report. He said, “We’re adding an annotation.” He added, “somehow the publishing of the annotation got delayed, sorry.”

What changed. John said they added “more fine-grained page indexing issue information is now available. As a result, you may see a rise in the portion of issues being reported on. This is not a change in the processing of your website for Search, it is purely in reporting.”

Why we care. If you noticed changes to that report, it might be related to these reporting changes in Search Console.

Again, this is a reporting change and not a change in how Google processes your web site.

So if you see errors, you can try to fix those errors going forward.

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