Google Ads appears to be testing a new QR codes ad extensions. Scanning the QR code lets consumers instantly call a number provided by a business or brand.

The feature, which was first spotted by SEO analyst Khushal Bherwani, has been appearing on a new expandable call box found at the bottom of ads.

Inside the box, the brand’s telephone number is also displayed, making accessing a company’s contact details simpler.

Google is also testing displaying three images across ads now instead of one.

The search engine is yet to officially comment on its trial, but Bherwani shared some screenshots of the new Sponsored Ads layout on X, formerly known as Twitter:

Why we care. If phone calls are important to your business, this may be a feature you’ll want to look into if and when it becomes available. QR codes have made a comeback – and this extension could potentially reduce friction, making it easier for people to call, which could lead to more sales, greater customer satisfaction or other positive business outcomes.

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