Google is adding a new “ranking” section to the Google Search Status dashboard it launched last December. The new ranking section will include active and historical Google algorithm updates, so that you can see what changed with Google Search related to ranking, not just crawling, indexing or serving.

New dashboard. Here is what the new dashboard looks like, Google added a “ranking” section:

Here is what it looked like previously, with only crawling, indexing and serving:

Algorithm updates. Google will soon add the new ranking section, which “will show the active March 2023 core update, plus history up to 2020,” the company said on Twitter. This is not completed yet, as you do not see the March 2023 core update listed yet, but it will soon.

Why we care. This is another way to see what ranking changes were released by Google. This is in addition to the current Google Search updates page and of course, our reporting here.

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