The Google Search Console performance reports are currently significantly delayed, mine is now showing it is over 65 hours delayed. Typically, these reports are updated within 4 hours, so this is a significant delay.

Google is aware. Google is aware of the delay and the team is working on fixing the issue. This is not uncommon, but a 65 or more hour delay is somewhat unusual for these Search Console reports.

John Mueller, a Google Search representative, posted on Twitter, “Sometimes things are just a bit slow,”
“Sorry for the delays with the data,” he added. He also said that this “doesn’t mean that there isn’t another search update happening, it’s just that this is definitely not a sign of a search update.”

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of the delay, where I see “last updated: 65 hours ago.”

Why we care. There is no reason to panic, Google will fix the issue and you will get your data. It might take some time, so check back later today or tomorrow, but I am sure the data will return.

Again, this is not uncommon and a delay in this reporting doesn’t represent or signal any other changes at Google, such as a Google search update or other issues.

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