Google is opening access to the local car inventory beta feature to all US dealerships using the cars for sale feature in Google Business Profiles. Greg Gifford reports that Google has opened this beta feature now to all US-based dealerships.

Cars for Sale open. Google has opened up the “Cars for Sale” feature in Google Business Profiles to any product with a vehicle identification number (VIN). “Until this week, only US-based car dealers could list their inventory on their Google Business Profiles. Now, anything that has a Vehicle Identification Number is eligible to be listed. That means motorcycles, RVs, powersports, and Commercial vehicles are all allowed now,” Gifford explained.

What it looks like. Here is a GIF of this cars for sale feature in action while in beta:

More details. Google has a dedicated section about this feature over here, where it is called “vehicle listings.” Google wrote, “Vehicle listings on Google allows businesses to display their for sale vehicle inventory on various Google surfaces, including dealerships’ Business Profiles and Google Search. Google users can then search, filter, and easily learn more about vehicles for sale such as availability, pricing, and key information about the vehicles for sale, potentially directing customers to your business.”

To manage vehicle listings through your Business Profile account, perform the following steps:

  1. Access your web Business Profile account at
  2. Select See your profile for the business that you want to change settings for.
  3. Click Edit profile, and then click Vehicle listings.

To manage your vehicle listings through a Google Search, perform the following steps:

  1. Search for your business’s name or “my business” on Google Search.
  2. Click Edit profile, and then click Vehicle listings.

Why we care. You probably want to jump on this feature if you work for an auto dealership. Listing your vehicles in Google Search and the local search results may help you get more customers in your showroom and potentially lead to more sales.

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