Google is making two new updates to its Government documents and official services policy.

Why we care. Adhering to the policy helps prevent ad disapprovals, account warnings, or even account suspensions. Staying informed allows advertisers to adjust their ad content and strategy accordingly. Additionally, compliance with the policy demonstrates that advertisers and brands operate responsibly and professionally, which is crucial for building trust with consumers.

The new changes. The date when Google will begin enforcing policy changes from March 31 to May 24. The second change is that Google is removing Germany as a region-specific exception under “Public road access fees and passes.”

Google will begin enforcing the new policy globally on May 24, with full enforcement ramping up over approximately 6 weeks.

The new policy. To recap the changes, the Google Ads Government documents and official services policy will undergo the following updates:

  1. The policy will be revised to cover only an exhaustive list of applicable categories.
  2. Regional-specific category exclusions will be added.
  3. Germany, initially excluded under “Public road access fees and passes” in the January 31 update, will no longer be an exception in the final policy. Advertisers promoting this category and targeting Germany must qualify as a government or authorized provider and apply for the required certification as outlined in the policy.
  4. Government-issued business identification will fall within the policy’s scope.
  5. The policy will permit government-authorized providers and discontinue the requirement for “delegated providers.”

Good to know. In February, Google introduced a pilot program for authorized California car registration entities, enabling advertisers authorized by the state of California to process vehicle registrations on its behalf to run ads for the services they’re authorized to provide. This pilot remains unaffected by changes to the enforcement start date.

Breaching this policy will not result in immediate account suspension without prior notice. A warning will be given at least 7 days before any account suspension.

Google encourages advertisers to review this policy update to determine if any of your ads are subject to the policy, and if so, remove them before May 24.

Dig deeper. Review Google’s policy here.

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