Google has released two updates to Google Bard, its AI chat bot. The first update is to make Bard better at mathematical tasks, coding questions and string manipulation. The second update is to allow you to export tables that Bard generated directly into Google Sheets.

Improved math and data analysis. Google Bard has a new technique called “implicit code execution” that helps it “detect computational prompts and run code in the background,” the company wrote. This allows Google Bard to respond “more accurately to mathematical tasks, coding questions and string manipulation prompts,” Google added.

Here is a GIF of it in action, but Google posted more details in its blog post:

Google Sheets. Now, when Bard generates tables, those tables can now be exported into Google Sheets. This allows you to continue your work in Google Sheets and outside of Google Bard.

Why we care. These two improvements makes Bard a bit more useful for your daily tasks. AI is getting smarter fast and watching these updates is exciting.

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