Google Bard can now use your device’s precise location to provide better local results to your questions. When you go to Google Bard, a popup dialog may show up that reads “To get more relevant responses, you can also choose to let Bard use your device’s precise location.”

The notice. Here is what you might see when you access

You may also see another prompt asking you to confirm that you want to share your location with Google.

Better local results. Google said you should see “more relevant responses about restaurants near you and many other things about your area.” I tried it and it does not seem to work for me, just yet, but it may still be rolling out.

Why we care. Local search is a huge driver of business for many small and local businesses. If people use Google Bard to find places to get pizza, get a haircut, find a dentist and so on, this may drive additional traffic to those businesses.

You’d obviously think you need to be on Google Business Profiles for that to work, so make sure your clients are set up in Business Profiles and do some searches, see how it differs from Google Search.

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