The Google Ads advertiser interface and console is currently down, going down at about 9:10 am ET this morning. Advertisers are trying to login to manage their accounts but they are presented with a 500 server status error.

What it looks like. There are a flurry of complaints on Twitter, which I collected over here, all showing complaints with screenshots of the error. Here is a screenshot:

ETA. The Google Ads status dashboard is currently showing everything is fine, so we don’t currently have an estimate time for a fix. But I suspect Google is aware and will keep us updated shortly.

Why we care. If you are worried, just know, you are not alone, everyone cannot currently access the Google Ads system. Try back in an hour or so and hopefully access will be restored.

Postscript. Google’s Ad Liasion posted at 10:15 am ET about the issue, saying “We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Ads. We will provide more information shortly. The affected users are unable to access Google Ads.”

There also appear to be issues with Google Merchant Center, according to Google, probably related to this.

Postscript 2. Update at 10:50am ET: Google seems to have fixed the issue, I am now able to login.

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