A unique new tool – chat – will let you create Google Ads campaigns.

Using Google AI, a new interface will help users set up campaigns directly within the online editor in a conversational format, Google announced today at Google Marketing Live 2023.

The best part: it’s optional, not required. Chat or not, it’s entirely up to you and your accounts.

How it works. To get started, users can simply respond to a prompt for a preferred landing page. Google AI will generate the following for that campaign:

  • Keywords.
  • Headlines.
  • Descriptions.
  • Images.
  • Assets.

The process isn’t fully automated. Users can still edit all the suggestions before pushing them live to the world.

Google Ads has already leveraged AI and machine learning for campaign help. But this interface is more of an integrated experience.

In the demos, the Google Ads AI shows that it generated a specific number of keywords/headlines/descriptions or other assets for review and cues up alongside the chat for easy editing.

Users can also prompt Google Ads AI for more specific detail on those assets. For example, a prompt for a beauty brand could include asking for anti-aging copy:

Why we care. Advertisers across the board should be celebrating this news due to the intrinsically cooperative experience it brings to the campaign creation process. This tool will help give advertisers ideas, save time and build faster instead of automating the entire process. 

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