With its new Cost-Per-Hour Masthead, YouTube is giving brands and advertisers the ability to buy its most visible placement during the hour(s) leading up to, during or after priority moments such as a sports game or movie release.

What they look like. Here’s what a Masthead ad looks like on a desktop or PC.

Here’s what the ads look like on a mobile device.

Preview your ad. You can see what your ads would look like by using the Masthead Preview Tool.

Technical specs. You can review YouTube’s technical specs for Masthead ads here.

Why we care. YouTube’s Cost-Per-Hour Masthead provides a unique opportunity for advertisers and brands to secure a prominent placement and increase visibility to a large audience. By owning the Masthead, brands and advertisers can maximize reach and impact, delivering their message to a captive audience and potentially increasing conversions.

However, there’s no indication right now how much the Masthead ads cost, or how much of the inventory is available. They may be a better option for national brands versus small or local businesses.

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