Microsoft will include Bing Chat data in Bing Webmaster Tools in May, Fabrice Canel, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Bing, said on Twitter.

Canel announced that data from Bing Chat would be included in Bing Webmaster tools several weeks ago. He didn’t say precisely when it would be included at that time.

Coming in May. “We will be shipping in May in Bing Webmaster Tools UX and Bing Webmaster Tools API,” Cancel said when asked if Bing Chat data is coming to Bing Webmaster Tools. He said in another tweet, “We will start reporting clicks and impressions in Bing Chat in the following weeks.”

Here are those tweets:

Bing Chat in Webmaster Tools. Bing Webmaster Tools will soon be adding Bing chat integration to allow publishers, content creators, and site owners to see how much traffic the chat feature is sending their sites. It will be part of the Bing performance report and show impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and more.

Here is a photo of this report from Jennifer Slegg on Twitter:

Why we care. With all the concern, confusion and stress around these new chat AI features, having a report that shows how many people see our links, click on our links and visit our sites will be helpful to publishers, content creators and site owners. So soon, as early as May 2023, we should soon see how much traffic and visibility our sites are getting directly from Bing Chat.

I do hope Google does the same for Google Bard, but since Bard is less likely to offer citations, I doubt we will see this from Google anytime soon.

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