Microsoft Bing has released a number of improvements to Bing Chat this week, including more chat turns, more visuals and expanding Bing Image Creator.

More chat turns. Bing Chat now supports 30 chat turns per conversation, which is up from 20 chat turns per conversation. Plus, you are now allowed 300 total chat turns per day. Bing explained, “This increase also applies to any conversations in your chat history.” So you are allowed to return to conversations where you may have previously reached your turn limit and pick up where you left off, without it counting against your turns.

Eventually, these limits will go away but AI tools like these are expensive and server intensive to run, so Microsoft is scaling it up slowly.

Visuals in travel. Bing Chat now will show and generate more visual results for your travel queries. These visuals also contain links directly to Bing Travel results.

Here is what it looks like:

Bing Image Creator expanded. Bing Image Creator now works not just in creative mode, as it launched in within Bing Chat, but now works in all chat modes, including Precise and Balanced modes.

Here is a GIF of that in action:

Why we care. We will continue to keep track of these improvements to Bing Chat, Google Bard, SGE and other AI improvements. The pace of improvements are increasing and a super fast rate.

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