Google has implemented updates to the Auto ads settings panel, making it simpler to distinguish between various ad formats.

What’s new. There are five new changes to the auto ad settings panel.

  • The first change involves categorizing the formats into two groups based on their behavior. The ‘Overlay formats’ group includes anchor, vignette, and side rail ads, which are placed over a page’s content without affecting its layout. The ‘In-page formats’ group comprises banner and multiplex ads, which are inserted within areas of a page based on the page’s layout and content.
  • The previously named ‘in-page ads’ format is now known as ‘banner ads’ and is part of the ‘In-page formats’ group.
  • The controls for banner ads and multiplex ads are now separate, eliminating the need to enable banner ads before multiplex ads.
  • Each format now has its own unique icon for easy identification.
  • There is now an ad gallery displaying examples of each format.

Release date. These updates will be accessible during your next visit to the Auto ads settings panel. For more information about Auto ads settings, please refer to the link provided.

Dig deeper. You can learn more about auto ads here.

Why we care. By categorizing them into two distinct groups and providing individual controls for each format, publishers can easily choose the ad type that best suits their needs without having to navigate through complex settings.

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